Powervar’s Security Plus UPS

A Partnership Made in Heaven

The pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. A match made in heaven. Being dealt the perfect hand. You’re my ping to my pong, my ding to my dong. Whatever you want to call it, Johnston Technologies has found an outstanding UPS partner they are proud to be working with and offering to you.

Johnston Technologies has always said their #1 goal is to provide the best protection possible for their customers’ mission critical equipment. Partnering with, and selling, POWERVAR’s Security Plus UPSs was a natural business step. For over 25 years, POWERVAR has had the same philosophy.

But it’s more than following the same creed. POWERVAR’s Security Plus UPSs are known for being one of the most reliable in the industry. Plus, each unit comes with a two year product warranty which includes batteries. (If you’d like, you also have the option to purchase a third year.) Either way, routine maintenance, repair, batteries…ALL COVERED. Seriously, do you know how much money that will save your business?

And speaking of batteries, here’s something cool…if the utility voltage hooked up to your load is too high or too low, your POWERVAR Security Plus UPS will provide normal power to your system, so there will be no need to go to battery backup as quickly as with some other UPS brands. And guess what…

Less use of battery reserves = extended battery life.

Now I know the batteries are covered for a couple years with the warranty, but they are still expensive. Just sayin’. It’s all about the bottom line, right?

Here’s something else that will save you money. Many UPS suppliers use oversized power protection systems. This costs you a ton of money to buy, install and operate. POWERVAR is built to handle today’s modern loads, so there is no need to oversize. Not only will this save you money on your power protection investment, but it will save room too, allowing you to expand your load as your business grows.

So here’s the bottom line…Johnston Technologies now carries POWERVAR Security Plus UPSs. What does this mean for you? It means NO DOWNTIME caused by an interruption or lack of electrical power. (This is not to be confused with being at a dance party and someone yells, “It’s time to get down.”) You will have continuous productivity, which translates to your clients spreading the word about your reliability.

Powervar Security Plus UPS